The most powerful person in the office.

Executive Assistants and administrative staff are the backbone of your organization and Bloomfield & Company has been the go-to recruiting firm for top administrative talent for over 20 years. Our process begins with a thorough interview of you; every executive, every organization is different. Once we have a firm grasp of you and your organization, we begin a targeted recruiting process to source qualified candidates. Our screening process includes both practical, skill based assessments as well a behavioral assessment and thorough reference checking.

Frequently Asked Questions // Personal Assistants

What is the appropriate pay range for an Personal Assistant? Personal Assistant compensation ranges widely depending on geographic location, level of support, and experience. We can provide a better sense of expected compensation once we know more details about the position. We always strive to present a wide-range of candidates at varying compensation levels. In addition to standard pay, some clients provide housing for employees who are required to work non-traditional hours. 

Can you help me figure out how to best use an Executive Assistant? Absolutely! Many executives have trouble letting go of even the smallest tasks. Sometimes it just takes a little coaching to understand the difference an Executive Assistant can make. When appropriate, we like to work one-on-one with the principal in need of an assistant so we can better understand his or her needs. 

What does an Executive Assistant do? To borrow from the old cliche, Executive Assistant's are like snowflakes, no two are the same. It is important we understand your needs so we can find the right assistant for you! Executive Assistants have largely moved beyond a purely administrative role. While administrative tasks are often a large portion of an Executive Assistant's duties, many EAs take on substantive projects and responsibilities, like leading projects, answering correspondence, attending meetings as a proxy for their principal, and generally helping to lead their principal. Some high level EAs have direct reports, often administrative assistants, who help calendar management, travel arrangements, etc.

What's the difference between an Executive Assistant and a Chief of Staff? Often, just a title. Chief of Staff is increasingly being used to signify the elevated importance of the role an Executive Assistant often plays. Chief Administrative Officer is an increasingly common title for those who perform some Executive Assistant work, but also have some management duties. Ultimately, the title is up to your organization. 

What is contingency search? Bloomfield is a contingency recruiting service, as opposed to a retained recruiting service. It simply means that, by entering into a recruiting agreement with us, you are under no obligation to hire a candidate presented by Bloomfield. This means you can engage us in your search, but also use your own resources or additional outside resources. Bloomfield only collects a fee if you hire a candidate we present to you.